September 9th, 2021: Love, relationships, and thoughts on monogamy

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September 17th, 2021: A Man’s Diary of Love Poems for Her

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Are you doing what 91% of successful marriages, friendships, and partnerships practice?

Relationship Advice from the Unmarried: Tip 509 | Photo by Brett Meliti on Unsplash

My first BDSM experience and do women want more (like subconsciously, there must be a reason why 50 Shades of Grey was so popular, right)?

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S and M for Beginners: This is my dating advice for men tip #2111.

This is my first BDSM experience.

What does an “American Life” even mean anymore?

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Dating Advice for Men on the Best Valentine’s Day Ideas

My 10 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas:

  1. virtual wine and cheese dates are dumb, but what if you have to buy a sheepskin, and then have wine and cheese on the sheepskin in your sexiest man-thong — now we are talking ingenuity.
  2. romantic candlelight Facetime dinners are for suckers — make an actual meal that requires recipes, a lit candle, and then to top it off, put a single rose in a clear vase with a heart pendant around it with her…

Here are 4 Reasons Why

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1. A certain kind of travel changes your self-awareness, emotional I.Q. and internal being.

Granted, your internal evolution can taste like a shit sandwich. It can be uncomfortable. It can be lonely. …

Dating Advice for Men

My dating advice for men. What I’ve learned at 31, eh hem, 41.

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